Four key strategies to get more customers and sales for your business with Internet marketing:

Find – people and businesses use the Internet to get information, do research and find companies that can provide what they need. Are you using all the relevant Internet marketing tactics to help buyers find your business when they want to buy?

Engage – when prospective buyers find your business on the Internet, they need information and affirmation that your business may be the right choice. Do you engage with buyers effectively on the Internet to influence them to buy from you?

Sell – depending on your type of business and product and/or service, you can use the Internet to either directly sell to customers or manage leads for your sales process. Do you have the right capabilities to capture sales from prospective buyers?

Retain – once a customer buys from you the first time, the larger opportunity is to retain customers in a manner that they will buy more from you. Are you using Internet-based capabilities to retain customers and maximize lifetime customer value?

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