About Marketance

What we do
We provide business owners, operators and marketers with sound advice, guidance and services about effectively using the Internet to market your business:

  • Develop a pragmatic Internet Marketing strategy to support your specific business circumstances and objectives.
  • Help you cut through all the confusion, hype and jargon to make the various aspects of Internet Marketing work for you.
  • Provide you with knowledge, insights and materials to confidently execute your specific Internet Marketing strategy to produce the results you want.
  • Help you get the best possible return on your Internet Marketing investment within your budget.

If you know what you’re doing, Internet Marketing can significantly contribute to improving your business performance.  Our resources and services provide you with the knowledge and insights to confidently use Internet Marketing for real business results and get more customers and sales for your business.

Who we are
Mike Frichol is founder and principal of Marketance.  Mike has over 30 years business and information technology experience including marketing Mike Frichol leadership roles at Infor, Microsoft, Great Plains Software and Enterprise Solutions.  Mike led Internet Marketing, Industry Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Software as a Service and other business and marketing initiatives at these companies.  He has started and run his own successful businesses and was an early adopter of Internet technologies in his own business.  “My goal with Marketance is to provide pragmatic resources and services for businesses to accelerate their business performance with Internet Marketing. Additionally, our library of resources and educational material are great for anyone to learn about all aspects of Internet Marketing.”  Our worldwide network of associates and contributors have significant experience and expertise in almost every area of Internet Marketing.

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