Do you have a Takeaway and Call-To-Action on every page of your website?

in Content Marketing

Businesses use websites to market and sell their products/services/solutions. The basic Internet marketing approach is a straightforward 3 step process of attracting visitors to a website by various means, telling them about the relevant stuff once they get to the website, and then getting them to do something. There’s obviously a lot more on how to successfully accomplish each step. The article discusses the 3rd step – what do you want website visitors to do when they’re on your website?

You need great content on each page of your website to provide relevant information to your visitors within their interests and context. The purpose of content is to create a specific takeaway for the website visitor. See the Why your website needs great content article for more information about how to develop high quality content for your website. A takeaway is the impression you want to communicate and what you want your website visitors to know and remember about your business/website/ products/services/solutions. A takeaway is something of interest and value that the website visitor will consider to remember, and/or trigger an idea, and/or start a conversation, and/or make a recommendation.

You also need a call-to-action on each page of your website. The call-to-action is what you want the website visitor to do once they’ve read your content and got the takeaway. Do you want them to buy something, contact you, download a report, sign-up for your newsletter, or whatever? Copy is usually associated with sales letters or sales copy (like those long email promotions) produced by copywriters. However, your website also needs copy to influence and persuade your website visitors to take the desired call-to-action. Use copy to produce a specific result with copywriting techniques.

Content is about the takeaway.  Copy is about the call-to-action.

While the primary composition of most website pages is informational content, it can only be effective if its design and structure creates a takeaway and has elements of copy to produce the call-to-action you want your visitors to take.

How to use this information to benefit your business

  • Take a look at your website – is there a clear takeaway and call-to-action on each page?
  • Review your competitors’ websites – do they have clear takeaways and call-to-actions on each page?
  • How do your competitor takeaways and call-to-actions compare to yours – how can you tune yours to be more appealing and differentiated for your visitors?
  • Don’t compromise content with overt call-to-action copy. Website visitors don’t like blatant in-your-face selling.
  • Website visitors are primarily looking for information – concentrate on producing great content, but make sure each page has a defined takeaway and call-to-action to make your website produce the results you want.

Remember that the each page of a website should have a specific takeaway and call-to-action.
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