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Once you decide to use Email Marketing you will need a professional email marketing service. Do not attempt to do email marketing from your desktop or web email account – it won’t work and will cause you many problems with delivery, spam origination and ugly emails arriving at you customers and prospects. You must subscribe to a professional email marketing service or if your company has the technical capabilities, install your own system. Professional email marketing services provide you with email list management, subscribe/unsubscribe permission management, email templates, campaign management, statistical reporting to analyze and improve the effectiveness of your email marketing, professional support and much more.

Some web hosting companies provide basic email marketing services for list management and bulk email sending – don’t bother, most of these services are totally inadequate for real businesses. There are hundreds of professional email marketing service providers, several dozen of which receive favorable reviews from experts and customers. Just enter ‘email marketing services comparison’ in your favorite search engine to find a vendor that suits your needs. I use AWeber and I’m very satisfied with their capabilities, services, delivery, support and competitive pricing.
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