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You’ve probably noticed those little icons on blogs, news sites and other websites inviting you to bookmark or share the article, story, news item, blog post, etc. you’ve just read. See the end of this article and other articles on this website for an example. This article will help familiarize you with social bookmarking and how it can expand your business presence on the Internet.

Instead of trying to save links in your browser Favorites or Bookmarks, social bookmarking enables you to describe, categorize, rate and share them with everyone on the Internet. For example, you may be interested in learning more about Internet marketing for your business. When you find something of interest you can bookmark it on a social bookmarking site and accumulate your bookmarks of interest. What makes it social is that other people with similar interests will be saving bookmarks too. Since the bookmarks are public anyone can now see, use and rate all the bookmarks of common interest.

Anyone can submit links for bookmarking at social media sites such as Del.icio.us, Digg, Stumble Upon, etc. The bookmark contains the title, link address, comment and tags. The tags are like search keywords enabling you and others to easily find the bookmark. The bookmarks are automatically organized into collections based on the tags, and popularity based on usage and ratings/reviews by the community.

How to use this information to benefit your business

  • Social bookmarks are another way to drive traffic to your website. Hyperlinks drive the Internet – getting a link to an article or item of interest on your website from a social bookmarking site provides additional visibility for people to visit your website. Social bookmark links to your site also increase your presence and page rank in search engines.
  • However, you need content of interest for your target audience. Blatantly trying to just promote your business or website with product/service/solution information won’t work and could harm your online reputation.
  • A blog associated with your website is an excellent way to publish articles or news of interest for your target buyer community and get them listed on social bookmarking sites.
  • Encourage your blog readers to submit your articles to social bookmarking sites with easy to use social bookmarking submission links. AddThis is a commonly used service for this or check the functionality your blogging system provides.
  • Do your own social bookmarking submissions for your business gradually over time to avoid search engines considering a flood of submissions from one site or one submitter as spam.
  • Build a bookmarking community by sharing bookmarks from other informational sources related to your target audience.
  • Start by researching and observing what others are doing to formulate your plan for using social bookmarking.

You’ll need an account at one or more of the social bookmarking sites to get started. Review Del.icio.us, Digg, Stumble Upon or any others and do some checking to see which may be better suited for your business and what you want to accomplish. Try bookmarking this article using the links below to get started.
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