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Follow-up to the ‘What is a “blog” and how can it improve your business?’ article; here are some additional ideas for blog topics, bearing in mind that blogs should focus on a single overall topic reflecting your expertise or interests as the blogger:

  • Frequently asked questions – discuss answers to issues your customers frequently ask about.
  • Customer stories – if a customer does something interesting or innovative with your product/service/solution, write about it.
  • Solve a problem – help customers avoid problems by writing about solving problems other customers may have encountered.
  • Do a review on a new product or a book or something related to your business or blog.
  • Comment on relevant news or current events related to your business or blog.
  • A contrarian view on a current issue can engage and attract your audience. But don’t express negative rants that could alienate your audience.
  • Discuss new innovations or trends in your industry.
  • Report from the field – is there something you can write about from attending a conference, event, taking a trip, working on a project, etc.
  • Set the record straight – every industry has fallacies and myths that people unwittingly assume to be true – show your expertise by debunking this nonsense.
  • Encourage your audience to comment and ask questions.
  • Read other blogs on a similar topic theme to get ideas, but don’t plagiarize. Comment on those blogs if you have an opinion.
  • Keep an idea list handy – once you start blogging, you’ll get ideas for topics at odd times – be sure make a note of it and keep a list of possible topics.

How to use this information to benefit your business

  • Blogs are an excellent additional channel to market your business online if you provide topical and valuable information for your audience.
  • The members of this audience are your customers and prospective customers.
  • Keep your blog current and fresh with new and interesting posts.
  • Don’t worry too much about having dozens of individual topics ready when you get started – you just need the first 5 or 6 to get going, more ideas about what to write about will surface as you work on your blog.
  • The key is to have a good overall topic theme that supports your business marketing objectives while providing your audience with valuable information.

Here’s another article for information about choosing a professional blog system for your business.
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