The Best Way to Keep Your Website Fresh and Relevant

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What does it take to update the content on your website?  Do you have to go through a rigmarole that takes too long and involves technical staff to transform your content into HTML or other code before someone updates the website?  Do you think this is a ridiculous process and that you should be able to directly update your website content without technical assistance?  Absolutely, website content can and should be directly updated by the content owners / providers such as marketers, product managers, business operators, public relations, etc.

Websites used to be developed as static HTML or other code pages where the content was intermingled with the structure, formatting, navigation and other technical aspects.  Any updates to the content would require technical expertise to make the changes and publish the updated website.  Most of us experienced the frustrations, delays and problems with this process.  But that’s history, there is a better way.

Modern websites should be built with a Content Management System (CMS) or more specifically a Web Content Management System (Web CMS).  A Web CMS provides the means to build a dynamic website by separating the content from the other components of a website.  All the website information is stored in a database and the CMS provides content creation, editing, control and website maintenance via a user-oriented web interface.

A Web CMS typically provides the following capabilities:

  • A predefined database to store all definitions, content and metadata.
  • User management for access and security control for who may create, edit, update, change various areas of the website.
  • A presentation layer usually based on templates that define the structure, layout and formatting of the website.
  • A navigation layer that defines the menus and navigation of the website.
  • Content creation, editing and control via a WYSIWYG interface much like using a regular word processing system.
  • Extensions and plug-ins to support capabilities such as RSS Feeds, Polls, Multiple Languages, Calendars, Media, Advertising, eCommerce, etc.
  • Most Web CMS provide the necessary capabilities for supporting Search Engine Optimization and Marketing requirements.

And the best part about using Web CMS is that you can get a highly functional, open source system such as Joomla, WordPress, modx, CMS Made Simple and others for free.  This website uses WordPress as its Web CMS – everything on this website is contained and managed in WordPress.

The learning curve to implement an open source Web CMS-based system is quite low with many tutorials and guides available at no or low cost.

How to use this information to benefit your business
If you still have a static website that you can’t dynamically update when and where you want, it’s time to consider moving to a Web CMS for your website:

  • Designated end-user content owners / providers can create, edit, control and update the website content when needed without technical assistance or delay.  It’s as simple as the equivalent of a word processing application.
  • Multiple people can manage different designated areas of the website.
  • The website structure, layout and formatting can be easily updated or changed without impacting the existing content.
  • Web CMS provides secure user access control so only authorized persons can update designated areas.
  • A Web CMS with available extensions and plug-ins provides expanded capabilities for your website that were previously either unavailable or too costly to consider.
  • With Web CMS you can make your website work for your business in the manner you want.  You can keep your website and content fresh and relevant.

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