Website Blunders that Damage Your Internet Presence

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Your business website on the Internet is the digital equivalent of a physical store.  The impression people get about a business when they walk into a physical store applies equally when people visit your website.  We all like stores that make you feel welcome with a customer friendly layout, clean, inviting, organized, and easy to find what you want.  The same applies to your website – and even more so, because there’s no assistant or manager your website visitors can speak to if they need help.

A business website is the single most important online marketing asset for a company.
Everything you do for your business on the Internet always comes back to your website.  If you have a physical store, your website is an integral part of your business.  Websites have evolved into sophisticated marketing machines that can generate or influence a significant portion of a company’s revenue.

Is your website inviting or annoying for your visitors?
Have you ever tried doing business with yourself online?  Seriously, put yourself in a typical website visitor’s shoes and try to do what you want them to do when they visit your website – find some information, buy something, contact you, etc.  Invite other people not connected with your business to review your website and provide feedback.  Get feedback from customers.  You’ll most likely find some room for improvement.

Does your website attract and captivate visitors?
When someone lands on your homepage or other landing pages for your website, it should be blatantly clear what products/services your business offers and what visitors should do to proceed with taking the next step.  Check your bounce rate of how many people leave your website after viewing just one page.  If the bounce rate percentage is high, you are either attracting the wrong visitors or your website isn’t capturing their attention.

Or does it annoy visitors and send them to your competition?
We’ve all experienced it – you find a website that probably has what you’re looking for.  But it’s difficult to find what you want because the website may have a strange layout, or it uses design elements that are either distracting or just plain irritating.  The website is so difficult or annoying to use and find what you want, that you click away and look for another source.  Remember that people on the Internet visit many websites – if your website design is very different from what they’re used to using and seeing, they’ll go elsewhere.

Do your Internet marketing activities die when prospects or buyers visit your website?
The first major objective of Internet marketing is to attract the right type of visitors to your website using Search Engine Marketing, local search, advertising and other methods.  Once visitors arrive at your website, the next major objective of Internet marketing is to get them to take whatever action you want from your visitors.  This is referred to as conversion – indicating that a visitor has successfully completed an objective of the website or business.  Low conversion rates indicate that most of the Internet marketing activity dies when target people visit a website – why is this happening?

The power of Internet Marketing is available to all businesses, but there are many common website blunders that can damage your Internet presence by annoying your visitors and driving them away.

Get more specific details about these website problems and how to avoid and fix them on your website in our free eBook – 25 Common Website Blunders that Damage Your Internet Presence – no registration required to download, just click the link and the PDF eBook will open in a new browser window.

Check out this eBook today – hopefully you don’t have any of these problems on your business website, but if you do, it’s time to fix it before you drive more potential buyers away and undermine your Internet marketing initiatives.
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Vickie Rockino January 2, 2010 at 12:00

I enjoyed this article. The Q & A setup gives such useful information. Thank you!


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