What is Email Marketing?

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Email Marketing is the electronic version of direct marketing for sending advertising materials to customer and prospects via email rather than the traditional physical postal mail. In broad terms, anything you send via email to customers or prospects to influence them to buy something from you can be considered Email Marketing. Typical common uses of Email Marketing are:

  • Sending promotional materials to customers or prospects.
  • Sending newsletters or other informational updates to promote loyalty with customers and prospects.
  • Inviting customers or prospects to an event such as a seminar, webinar, conference, etc.
  • Placing advertisements or marketing messages in Emails sent by someone else.

However, unlike sending something in the physical postal mail to address lists you can buy, Email Marketing is permission-based. You must have permission from the person who owns the email address to send them any marketing emails. If you don’t, your email can be considered spam and you could have your website shut down, reputation ruined and be in violation of the law in some countries. Be sure to familiarize yourself with regulatory requirements in the countries you plan to do email marketing, such as the CAN-SPAM Act in the USA.

How can I use Email Marketing to market my business?
Email marketing is a very effective way to reach your customers and prospects. Many businesses in every industry and market have proven that it works. And it works really well if done correctly. Email marketing is very flexible allowing you to send different types of materials with tailored messages to targeted groups of people. And it’s cheap – you can reach someone for a fraction of a penny. You need to craft professional materials with good content and messages to be effective. Think about how you could accelerate your business if you were able to reach all your customers and prospects with specific offers based on who they are, every week or every month. That’s powerful and that’s what Email Marketing can do, if you do it right.
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