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Websites used to be the electronic equivalent of a company brochure – a digital business identity on the Internet. The information content on websites used to be about the company, who they are and what they did. It was mostly about just having website. The information was relatively static with a couple of updates a year. Fast forward to today, a website is arguably the single most important marketing asset for a company. Websites have evolved into sophisticated marketing machines that can generate or influence a significant proportion of a company’s revenue. Where does your company’s website fall in this range of possibilities? Unfortunately, there are still many company websites out there that are little more than an electronic brochure.

Think about how we buy stuff today – take a car for example – we don’t first go to the various dealer showrooms or manufacturer’s websites. We first find information, guidance and recommendations from informational and/or authoritative sources on the Internet. Next we’ll do more research to correlate these findings with our specific needs, circumstances and preferences. Then we’ll select the car we want and some possible alternatives. Now we’ll find a dealer or seller who has what we want at a price we’re willing to pay and contact them. We do everything on the Internet until we’re ready to physically take a test drive and buy the car.

The above example is the common scenario today for the vast majority of buyers in every industry and marketplace, and increasingly people are making the purchase online on the website. Consider the role your website needs to play in this process for your buyers:

  • Does it provide educational and informational content that buyers are looking for?
  • Does it have authoritative materials and/or other capabilities such as social media to influence decisions?
  • Does it have customer feedback and testimonials to support your credibility?
  • Can buyers actually purchase directly from your website?
  • And most importantly, once a buyer makes a decision, will they find your website to select your company as the source for their purchase?

The last point is the primary objective of website marketing. Regardless of whether your business is bricks-and-mortar or online or both, the vast majority of buyers find vendors/suppliers/stores for their purchases on the Internet. Website marketing is about ensuring that potential buyers find your website and consider buying from you.

How can I use Website Marketing to market my business?
The investment in your website, regardless of how terrific it looks, is a complete waste unless people find it, spend some time and buy something from you whether online or in your physical store. Your website can and should be a powerful marketing vehicle to engage with customers and buyers. The importance of websites in buying decisions continues to grow:

  • The Internet is an increasingly popular and important source for information, research and insights for making purchases.
  • Use of traditional information sources such as trade shows, events, salespeople, brochures, etc. continues to decline.
  • Buyers in every industry and market are searching for information and making buying decisions online.
  • If you don’t provide the information and resources buyers are looking for, someone else will.
  • Buyers will find someone to buy from – will they find you?

So, how does your website rate as a marketing machine? Do a simple test, put yourself in a typical buyer’s situation for your products/services/solutions and see whether your website shows up on the radar. Better yet, watch someone who is a potential buyer but doesn’t know your business, do it. This little exercise could be enlightening and put you on the path to getting more customers and sales for your business with website marketing.
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